Predictions for the future of the cloud in 2016

The growing capabilities of cloud networks give businesses the chance to plan for smarter data integration in the coming years. With the cloud poised to take on an ever-larger amount of services, companies should know the security and operational changes on the horizon that could make legacy modernization an important factor for continued business functionality.

alttextSeveral changes may affect cloud computing in 2016 alone.

In a paper published last year, Gartner forecast a peak in public cloud services growth this year, after this sector increased by 13.5 percent. Even though this figure is eventually expected to "plateau," the current figures suggest an environment that supports increased cloud purchases.

Here are some other cloud predictions that could stand to come true in the coming year:

  • Changes in "on-demand" IT: A recent ZDNet article quoted Alex Hamilton of Radiant Law on the ways that cloud use improves the work involved in previous IT efforts. "We use the cloud for all different layers of the traditional IT stack," Hamilton said. "It allows us to move much faster."
  • Data linking operations together: One of the items in this list of government IT predictions for this year references the fabric created from combining data through intelligent software solutions. This parallels the growing liberation of data from individual centers and infrastructures.
  • More sophisticated security: In a piece for Data Center Journal, Tim Prendergast predicted that security will be more native within the cloud, as rapid application deployment continues to be important. Prendergast also noted a potential increase in sophisticated cloud attacks, which could call for an equally strong approach to management within the enterprise.

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