Number of big data projects growing, says report

A recent CompTIA report, focused on "Big Data Insights and Opportunities," has some interesting information about the number of big data-centered projects companies have underway. According to CIO's coverage of this research, the organization drew from more than 400 responses to track big data project trends.

"9 percent more respondents are working on big data projects compared to three years ago."

Among other statistics, the report asserts that 9 percent more respondents are working on big data projects compared to three years ago. On top of that, more than 70 percent of companies "said their big data projects have exceeded expectations."

However, CompTIA senior technology analysis director Seth Robinson said that data solutions are not improving in a coherent way, and that companies might not understand what truly qualifies as "big data."

Opinion on where an organization currently stands with data use also differs by position: while more than 40 percent of executives believed they were "where they needed to be," fewer than 10 percent of business unit workers expressed the same feelings.

With this possible increase in big data use comes the need to structure pilots and programs correctly. In a piece for TechTarget, Nicole Laskowski says that "knowing when to bring people in" to a big data project "can be tricky."

"Too many cooks in the kitchen can be a big data pilot killer, and so some CIOs may decide to hold off involving the chief privacy, risk or security officer or legal counsel in an effort to give their teams room to experiment," she writes. "At other organizations, doing so could ultimately backfire."

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