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Hackers are exploiting a critical vulnerability in the Log4j Java library

A critical vulnerability in Apache’s Log4j Java library leaves companies scrambling to defend against hackers.

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Health care organizations fall victim to data breaches

Here’s a look at how health care organizations are falling victim to data breaches.

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Academic institutions brimming with PII come under attack

Academic institutions and clearinghouses that keep large volumes exposed to the internet will do well to think critically about best practices for securing reams of student data with reliable tools.

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GoDaddy security breach leaves WordPress users' data exposed

GoDaddy security breach leaves WordPress users’ data exposed

Here’s a look at the recent GoDaddy security breach, which left WordPress users’ data exposed.

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Impacts of COVID-19 stretch to cybersecurity

With everything happening in the world, a new look at cybersecurity and online protection is not only important, but necessary for the wellbeing and security of people around the globe.

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New requirements could be coming for data breach reporting

Here’s a look at the new requirements that could be coming for data breach reporting.

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2021 US data breaches exceed 2020 numbers with a quarter to go

With the year not yet over, the 2021 numbers are already 17% higher than those in 2020, with 1,291 breaches publicly reported during this year compared with the 1,108 data breaches reported in 2020.

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Major United Nations data breach leaves the international organization scrambling

The United Nations is still reeling from a data breach carried out at the beginning of the year using compromised employee login credentials, potentially purchased from the dark web for as little as $1,000.

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T-Mobile data breach leaves millions with compromised personal information

When large, consumer facing companies are hacked, the impact can be enormous. Just ask T-Mobile, who are now on their fifth data breach in four years.

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IBM Report suggests record data breach costs

You already knew that data breaches can be costly. A new report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute suggests that’s truer now than ever before.

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