Minimizing training times for better logistics software performance

Simplicity is a virtue when it comes to enterprise software, but for logistics management and mainframe modernization in general, one of the associated benefits is the ease with which you can transition to an updated platform without requiring much on the part of staff. Overly complicated solutions can force companies to waste too much time and money reorienting their personnel, making ease of use essential for efficiency.

This isn't to say that there won't be some time needed to onboard a new platform, but with a more adaptable browser-based option at your disposal, the tools you need for hosting are likely already within easy reach of you business.

As an added bonus, a direct emulator option like Inventu Flynet removes the need for multiple logins, simplifying the process even further. For logistics managers dealing with operations spread out over different geographical areas, facilities, terminals and users, the gradual benefits of reducing cost and time can build over time.

In an article for Global Trade Magazine, Bill Todd of WiseTech Global said that converting to a new logistics system is relevant even if it doesn't seem to correspond with the current state of the business.

"For companies with aging ownership who have the sale of the business and retirement always in mind, taking the technology leap often appears too difficult," Todd writes. "But the company has a better chance of success now and later by adapting to the latest technology. Planning to sell the business should be one of the most compelling arguments for installing a modern system."

Finding a transferrable but easy-to-understand modernization option should be a priority no matter what stage a company is during its development.