Department of Defense prepares for new logistics solutions

As this blog has discussed previously, the Department of Defense (DoD) is attempting to modernize its IT offering by using innovative systems. One of the specific ways it is fulfilling this goal is through a special plan set to safeguard the defense medical logistics standard support (DLMSS) network until 2018. Army Technology notes that the plan has been made possible through support from CACI International, Inc.

The investment in this system is significant because it controls multiple important functions the government relies upon, including managing supplies that benefit different facilities around the world. With CACI supporting it, the DoD hopes to address federal civilian issues, eventually, as well as adapting it for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

However, despite the initiative this agency is taking to improve its tech functions, the Department must keep up with new technological changes to make its logistics sustainable. Writing for GCN, Kevin Deal outlined several advances that stand to disrupt the organization's current logistics systems, including context-sensitive systems, augmented reality and mobile apps.

"Over the next 20 years, we will see the full integration of operations, maintenance and the supply chain into a 'logistics support enterprise"' alongside the current modular applications-based enterprise resource management software," Deal writes. "These new agile solutions are easing the time and pain associated with adapting processes using the more traditional, monolithic ERP systems."

With easy-to-implement mainframe modernization options, government organizations will be able to make applications available throughout the supply chain. Logistics networks that involve moving diverse materials require a smart solution engineered to easily incorporate new changes. Inventu Flynet Viewer will help your organization change its host screens seamlessly for enhanced access and integration.