Does the new Windows update strategy have broader implications?

Last month, Windows 10 finally premiered, and with it debuted some new features for Microsoft fans to contend with and explore. One of the ways that Microsoft has adjusted its practices with this latest system has been through a new update model that narrows down the number of ways users can choose to update their systems, putting an increased focus on instant download and installation.

Although this primarily affects the Windows Home user base for now, this automated approach to putting downloads into action could set a standard for how Microsoft wants to approach such updates for other users in the future. TechCrunch reports that the company has issued several updates as part of a larger package without totally explaining what each one does. Companies that run off of Windows 10 may need to prepare for a scenario where updates are instant and unobtrusive.

Along with this instant update comes some possible concerns enterprises might have about sustained new Windows use. Writing for PC World, Stephanie Milot recently wrote about the "endless reboot loop" that some computers get stuck in when reboots are preprogrammed. The system may technically allow users to choose when to reboot, but the reality has users waiting for their computers to come out of a series of reboots that happen automatically without their control.

However, Tom Warren of the Verge takes a more positive attitude to this aspect of Windows 10.

"Windows 10 updates will be automatic and mandatory, so the OS should act more like Google's Chrome browser," he writes. "Google updates Chrome regularly, and everyone gets the latest version once they close the browser or restart their machine. It keeps everyone up-to-date and secure, and now all Windows 10 users will benefit from the same approach."

While these concerns may persist for Windows, they shouldn't also apply to the mainframe terminal emulator you choose. A browser-friendly option that requires minimal maintenance and additional plugins will keep you from being bogged down by unnecessary additions that take up valuable time.