Get a custom solution for your legacy system

To find the most useful legacy mainframe modernization solution, IT managers have to think about the systems they have relied on in the past and the factors that are compelling a change. For cloud applications to be integrated into workflow effectively, they have to be adaptable to modern software like Microsoft Office 365 and Google apps. Inventu's Flynet Viewer works with both of those and also harnesses Javascript.

Because of this flexibility, Flynet Viewer is a more practical option for modernization than a solution involving applet downloads or other inconveniences. Furthermore, large companies may have to grant the same degree of access to users without having to worry about IP management issues. Beyond migrating data companies should invest in a means of translating information into a browser-friendly format that is secure and easy to control.

A TechTarget article quotes Dale Vecchio of Gartner, who argues that a previous modernization plan or migration may not be enough to address an enterprise's issues.

"Transformation of the technology alone doesn't really cut it," he said. "It's an OK start, but the way you implement old legacy apps is different than the way you do it in the new world, so when you just do a transformation you don't get the app you wanted."

Just because an organization wants access to older applications doesn't mean they should ignore the new advances made in browser and device technology. A legacy application modernization plan that is compatible with any web browser on Apple or PC devices (like Flynet) is a cost and time-saving option for businesses that have older applications to account for.