Is a terminal emulation solution right for your organization?

Organizations of all sizes eventually struggle with aging legacy systems that can hold back new initiatives. The pace of new technology being introduced into the marketplace and the rise of mobile devices demands that companies be more flexible and responsive than ever before, but unfortunately, many remain tethered to the screens of their old terminals. 

Employees need to respond quickly to customer or client demands, but are slowed by the accessibility of IBM and UNIX screen-based legacy applications. To maintain or strengthen business relationships, teams need to be able to access data and applications locked in the mainframe during meetings, conventions and other instances where they may find themselves out of the office. Mainframe access needs are becoming more demanding, and for many in today's competitive economic climate, limited access is unacceptable. 

Organizations facing these issues have a tough decision to make. Should it make the expensive migration to another platform, rewrite applications or find a terminal emulation solution that allows the appropriate access? 

This choice comes with a variety of accessibility, security and resource concerns. Each solution has its own distinct benefits and drawbacks, but it should be noted that an emulation solution offers singular return on investment by making it simple for developers to both access legacy applications and begin to offer more modern technologies. 

web based terminal emulator can be delivered at manageable cost while delivering the functionality and access that team members' need. Inventu's screen-based application tool Flynet Viewer can be customized to fit your workforce's unique needs, without the high cost and complexity associated with other solutions.