Google announces ‘Android for Work’ system

Google has addressed the challenges of using personal devices for work purposes with its new "Android for Work" series of applications. The company is trying to promote this solution as a simple and convenient way for workers to get full functionality out of the phone they use everyday, without having to worry about inconsistencies or security issues. Among Google's many goals with this app is increasing management capabilities of certain older Androids in addition to newer devices.

The version of Android for Work for modern devices lets users coordinate work and personal apps while keeping them separate from each other. One device will be able to host multiple "profiles" that still promote easy access. Employers will be able to oversee the data on the "business half" of the device while keeping out of the more private information contained in other apps, according to the company.

CNET quotes Google's product manager Rajen Sheth, who spoke at a press briefing about the conditions that make these functions necessary. Keeping all of the apps and information contained in separate fields could reduce confusion among users and make the work sections more effective.

"More than a billion people are bringing smartphones in their pockets to the workplace," he said. A different source, TechCrunch, also quoted Sheth as saying "We want to make it really easy for IT to say yes to Android and yes to mobility for more people."

With this and other similar digital plans for improving employee devices in work situations, there could be room for BYOD to continue evolving and eventually develop an even stronger presence than it already has. To keep up with these innovations, enterprises should use a web based terminal emulator that fits into a device while remaining easy for employees to use.