What makes a successful app? 6 characteristics

What characteristics does a successful, user-friendly app have? This is the question Adam Hayes poses in a recent Investopedia article. Successful apps have a unique and appealing design, an appropriate platform, high usability and are affordable and engaging.

  • Unique and Appealing Design. The actual function of an app is incredibly important. But you must also take into account the app interface itself, including its design, look and feel. All of these factors contribute to the user experience and therefore must be carefully considered. 
  • Appropriate Platform. Does the app have an appropriate platform based on your business's needs? If you will need to do a lot of work to adapt the app across different platforms, you may want to look toward another solution. 
  • High usability. Ease of use should be one of your primary considerations when choosing apps. Your goal should be deploying an app which is well organized and provides users with information efficiently. 
  • Affordable. Find out if you can test run the app you're interested in. If it works well, you may want to consider investing in a full-feature paid version.
  • Engaging.  Features such as embedded social media and games can make for a more engaging user experience. Of course, these features should add value for your business. 
  • Get others' feedback. One of the best ways to determine whether a solution is worthwhile is doing research in advance. Finding positive reviews, and noticing that other firms in your sector have deployed these apps successfully are good signs.

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