New T-Mobile phones will also work as routers

In order to engage more users, T-Mobile has come up with a unique mobile offering that will allow customers free Wi-Fi access wherever they go. As a marketing move, it has successfully grabbed press attention, and also might prove useful to businesses who want to increase mainframe access on their mobiles.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the new offering, which banks on the phone provider's recent success this August. With millions of new customers added, T-Mobile is understandably in a generous mood, and customers this month will be able to access a special complimentary Wi-Fi add-on that will make texting and calls easier.

The company recently hosted a press event in which its eccentric CEO, John Legere, praised this new offering as beneficial for all customers and setting a positive standard among competitors. The Associated Press quoted Legere from an interview on the intended impact of this policy.

"This industry is not yet used to people doing things because they are good for their customers," he said. "We think about pain points, and Wi-Fi (calling) solves a major pain point across the industry." The source also quoted him saying that "we want to make changes that don't make us feel bad when rest of the industry copies us."

The banner T-Mobile is using for this is "Un-Carrier," which emphasizes the freedom users will feel once they take part. Over the course of three months this year, T-Mobile is said to have added more than a million customers total, CNET reports.

If employees in your enterprise are interested in using this offering, it means a potential increase for users of a mainframe terminal emulator across devices.