Choosing the right mobile initiative for the office applications that you use

Implementing a mobile initiative into your company, particularly one that makes use of employees' own devices, is a solution that can promote unity among all the systems used. However, this is only true if the software that you've chosen is consistent. The best application that you choose will be the one that provides the most support and can be easily integrated.

An article in Information Week by Michael Endler recently examined the importance of choosing the right office software for mobile by comparing the iPad functionality of Microsoft's standard option to those offered by Google and the Apple iWork program.

What it found was that there are different advantages to the programs, and a lot depends on where your company is already coming from. If you're used to all of the features in one brand, it might be hard to switch to a different one.

The article looks at some of the staples of workplace software, Microsoft programs especially. When assessing Excel, for example, Endler noted that it was still the industry standard and had more features than some of the other offerings, like those from Google.

Even though there are some existing issues with Microsoft capability, Endler concludes his piece by discussing the ways that this can be overcome.

"Microsoft's Office doesn't support file types from competing platforms," he writes. "Still, if you're in an all-Office environment, it's easy to open your existing documents, either from SharePoint or OneDrive."

Whether you're using a Microsoft solution because it came with the devices you bought or you've installed programs from this staple, the sharepoint integration technique you choose can promote togetherness.