IBM continues to focus on mobile…to what end?

Even when big names invest more of their resources in developing mobile solutions, the results can be lost on companies without suitable legacy application modernization professionals.

IBM, one of the major names in the mainframe, is continuing to develop its offerings in the field of mobile access. Forbes recently reported on the Enterprise App Store launched by IBM. As the article's author, Brian Krepes, describes, this effort seems like it will be heavily influenced by other, similar marketplace setups, although, as Krepes notes, it will only allow certain vendors to operate through it.

He marks this as a "spanner in the works" for any future plans IBM may have for spurring on mobile use and development. No matter what platforms are involved, the guidance of a company that has sufficient experience with a mobile browser emulator plan.

In addition to the marketplace, IBM has also announced a series of tools that will hopefully orient attention in this direction. TechTarget's Search Consumerization reports that the company has also introduced several "standardized, customizable IBM Ready Apps" for businesses that might be interested in better progress in mobile use and have the same needs as others in the same place. 

Still, while there are some specific peculiarities that your business might need to attend to on its own, the mainframe modernization tools and guidance that can help improve mobile use in your company are highly important.

Whatever the offerings currently out there, look to Inventu for products that can help you adapt and prepare for a world that values this kind of access across technology more. There's no one type of mobile device that everyone uses, and as such there may be a need to find an appropriate software.