White House releases ‘Big Data Report’

The Executive Office of the President has officially released a report called "Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values," detailing practices that may affect those who rely on an expanding online presence for business.

The document outlines some of the principles that the government might use in drafting online privacy policies, as it looks at the effects of Big Data. Drawing from a 90-day survey of the impact of Big Data on different sectors of American society, the authors of the report concluded with five important areas to focus on as these issues become more relevant.

These areas include privacy, education and keeping government data available and public. In most cases, the government acknowledges the need for caution as new technological opportunities open up.

While some of the reactions to this document have been less than laudatory, others see it as a step in the right direction. A post on Verizon's news center by Kevin Irland affirms that company's faith in the future direction of big data technologies.

"While there are important public policy issues related to data privacy and other legal protections that remain unresolved, significant opportunities exist today enterprises can leverage to prepare for a future defined by data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning," Irland writes.

To make the most of the possibilities that might open up in the wake of this document and related policies, businesses should think about mainframe modernization and cloud entry.

Developing IT modernization for your own company to parallel the rise of national standards could help position you to take advantage of any further developments.