Keep security in mind during enterprise modernization

Without a doubt, we currently occupy a truly exciting time in terms of the scope and varied nature of tech development for commercial use by enterprises in all industries. Stalwart markets like the cloud computing segment of the tech sector appear poised to continue their expansion as more organizations finally become convinced of the benefits of adoption, as tech expert and Forbes Technology Council member Steve Wilkes wrote in his examination of major sector trends to track in 2019. Alongside the growth of established technologies, emerging tools like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and blockchain (among others) are going to grow in prevalence, from being tools found in some operations to becoming all but commonplace throughout the world. 

Amid all the excitement these developments create, certain important practices can get lost in the shuffle, and in more than a few instances, security is one of them. Your business should absolutely pursue legacy system modernization to optimize your IT infrastructure, but make sure security's top of mind while you do.

Disparity between volume of sensitive data and level of encryption

According to a report by Thales eSecurity released Jan. 29, 2019, although 97 percent of companies adopting new digital solutions make use of confidential corporate or customer information, only 30 percent of them are putting encryption practices to use while doing so. That is a massive disparity by any reasonable standard. Additionally, 28 percent of enterprises leaping into IT modernization without looking beforehand aren't implementing any suitable level of security countermeasures and as such run a considerably high risk of experiencing a data breach. 

Keep security in mind during enterprise modernization
Implementing the latest IT solutions without taking appropriate security measures could be disastrous for your business.

Some enterprise-scale organizations are doing quite well from a security standpoint while embracing the latest advances in certain technologies: About 47 percent of business adopting container technologies, 45 percent of those with data analytics platforms and 42 percent of companies implementing the internet of things have some type of encryption in place. But with 50 percent of organizations surveyed in Thales's report claiming data security spend that is just 6 to 15 percent of their overall security budgets, it's clear that there remains some ground to be made up in this area.

Finding and eliminating security threats to modernization

TechRepublic noted that implementing a zero-trust network can be an extraordinarily effective method of enforcing security throughout your organization, based on its ability to monitor both active and shadow IT assets. Nothing goes on without your IT supervisor's knowledge. Other simpler but still useful practices include the discouragement of password-sharing and placing limitations on the use of smartphones and tablets within workforce bring-your-own-device strategies. But there's also a bigger culprit potentially hiding in plain sight. 

According to SD Times, enterprises using mainframe technology to support their IT infrastructure consider security to be one of their top priorities. Yet at the same time, 82 percent of them put Java code to use in their tech environments. This is inherently contradictory, given the security risks that come to the forefront when Java is the predominant code in any IT ecosystem out there. Purging this once-revolutionary, now-problematic coding language from your tech infrastructure altogether should be a major priority, and it's a situation in which Inventu's solutions can demonstrate their greatest utility.

Here at the Inventu Corporation, we equip organizations of all sizes with a revolutionary terminal emulation tool called the Flynet Viewer. This solution allows developers to craft reliable and safe software using clean HTML and JavaScript hosted on secure Windows servers. In all, the Flynet Viewer supports streamlined IT modernization and meets employer and staff expectations in a way that feels both familiar and simple. Contact us today or review our extensive product catalog to see how Inventu can optimize your infrastructure and also help you rid your servers of unsafe Java.