Leveraging Data Collection Devices for Remote Health Care

According to IDC's worldwide health industry top ten predictions for health care IT, adoption rates of remote asset tracking will have doubled worldwide by 2020. This shift can improve the safety of patients and accuracy of records across the health industry, enabling medical teams to work together even if separated by time zones and geographical barriers. 

The collection and integration of data through connected devices can increase operational efficiency and increase staff satisfaction while delivering better patient outcomes. By 2021, digital health care services are expected to exceed 6 percent of global healthcare expenditures.

Telehealth and patient engagement technologies can increase the capability of medical professionals to treat even complex cases from afar and deliver high quality remote health care. 

However, security is a top priority for health care IT managers. As many as 70 percent of healthcare organizations around the world have experienced a data breach according to the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report.

doctor using a tablet
Digital devices used for health care must safeguard patient information.

According to the Journal of mHealth, Darron Antill, Chief Executive of Device Authority has been working jointly with Thales to develop a solution which will provide the correct level of security to authenticate health care devices. Antill commented:

"IoT is transforming the healthcare industry and the way healthcare is provided. When you look at medical devices it's imperative that the right data files from the right consultant go to the right device to instruct it to perform the right procedure, or administer the precise amount of medication, for the correct patient – and there must be no question at any point over the integrity of the data or the medical device."

Health care organizations will have to reconcile the ease of use and high value of data collection devices for remotely delivered health care with the cost of upgrading systems to protect patient information and comply with government regulations.

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