IT modernization essential to enterprise A.I. adoption

For decades, enterprise analysts envisioned a future in which intelligent software propelled business. It seems that once outlandish reality has arrived. While most innovative organizations are in the early stages of enterprise artificial intelligence adoption, business leaders, by and large, believe the technology is vital. In fact, an estimated 72 percent of corporate decision-makers say AI-enabled systems are key to carving out a competitive advantage in the marketplace of the not-so-distant future, according to research from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"Seventy-two percent of corporate decision-makers say AI technology is key to carving out a competitive advantage in the marketplace of the future."

Early iterations of this technology have proven promising. For instance, many retailers are finding success with chatbots, or AI-driven programs that interact directly with customers and help them locate and order products, The Washington Post reported. There is even a therapy bot that helps individuals struggling to maintain their mental health, according to Wired. Of course, many organizations are looking beyond transactional use cases and investing in AI-infused big data applications that give internal technical specialists the power to process unstructured data, which constitutes roughly 90 percent of all the information circulating the internet, Venture Beat reported.

For businesses on the outside looking in, the question is: How do they get to a place where AI integration is possible? The answer is simple – IT modernization. Without modern networking infrastructure, implementing effective enterprise AI technology is virtually impossible, as legacy systems do not have the computational wherewithal to support this innovation. Organizations looking to adopt AI applications and gear up for the marketplace of the future must embark on the IT modernization journey.

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