Big Data Developments Take Center Stage

The enterprise analytics market continues to grow, as organizations of all sizes adopt platforms that collect actionable operational data. In fact, the sector is expected to balloon to $203 billion by 2020, according to research from the International Data Corporation. Technology firms will catalyze this growth over the next year, introducing new products and trends that have the potential to move the entire analytics arena forward and drive innovation across multiple industries.

Artificial intelligence gains steam
Enterprise software solutions equipped with artificial intelligence are ubiquitous. Technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft now offer AI-infused options that allow organizations to automate key business processes and sort through unstructured information. Over the next year, adoption rates for these products are expected to rise significantly as organizations prioritize their place in the operation, CIO reported.

Earlier this year, the consulting and information technology firm Infosys surveyed 1,600 executives from across the globe. Approximately 76 percent of respondents said AI was fundamental to organizational success, while 64 percent believed corporate growth was tied directly to this technology. This data indicates that business leaders are now prepared to embrace AI and begin IT modernization efforts.

"Adoption rates for enterprise AI products are expected to rise significantly."

More available information
The shear amount of available enterprise data is expected to grow as the year progresses, according to Information Age. Why? Companies across the country are integrating innovative new tools into day-to-day workflows, equipping employees with devices connected to the Internet of Things. As more of these fixtures enter the workplace, data caches will expand and require the adoption of more sophisticated backend platforms, tying directly into related developments, like the aforementioned rise of AI.

How much more data will become available in 2017? It's hard to say. However, organizations will deploy more than 3.1 billion new IoT devices this year, according to research from Gartner. This points to an immense influx of actionable enterprise information.

Cloud adoption increases
Many new businesses will join the cloud storage bandwagon over the coming months, TechRepublic reported. This will certainly impact the enterprise analytics market, as new users partner with software vendors to develop and deploy robust applications fit for the cloud. Even early adopters will see the effects. With more users on the market, competition among service providers will increase and product offerings will change.

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