Global Market For BYOD Expected To Grow

Smartphones reached market saturation some time ago, but the trend of employees bringing their personal devices to work and using them to do business still has plenty of room left to grow.

The global market for BYOD and enterprise mobility is expected to grow from $35 billion this year to $73 billion by 2021, according to new research by MarketsandMarkets. This amounts to a compound annual growth rate of almost 16 percent. 

"Access to BYOD has led to increased employee productivity."

Part of the reason is that access to BYOD has led to increased employee productivity and generally made workers happier. It tends to fit in better with their lifestyles, now that desktop computing is slowly but steadily giving way to mobile devices as the computer solutions of choice. 

For instance, Cisco's Visual Networking Index predicts that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop computing by 2020 as it grows by 48 percent annually. Employees like being able to access the systems they use on a regular basis from wherever they are located. This growth will be paired with increased reliance on cloud hosting, which offers workplaces more flexible solutions for networking.

The challenge for workplaces is to create modern support systems and BYOD policies that allow employees to use their devices efficiently and securely, whether in the office or on the go.

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