The very real impact of truck driver data monitoring

Big data may eventually impact many jobs, but some could be more noticeably affected than others.TechRepublic recently mentioned truck drivers as one of three types of employees that will feel the effects of more integrated, intelligent systems. As an example, the article mentioned the role smart embedded sensors can play in tracking driver performance, compiling statistics to measure speed, among other factors.

This could be especially important in light of a new proposal from two government agencies within the Department of Transportation. Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently advanced a possible rule for keeping truck speeds consistent with special limiting devices.

In a press release from August 26, T.F. Scott Darling III, administrator of the FMCSA, explained the multiple benefits of adopting this monitoring system.

"There are multiple tech changes focusing on the more connected truck driver."

"Safe trucking moves our economy and safe bus operations transport our loved ones," he said. "This proposal will save lives while ensuring that our nation's fleet of large commercial vehicles operates efficiently."

In addition to this federal focus, there are other tech changes centering around the more connected driver. The Verge recently looked at an upcoming tablet specifically tailored for commercial truckers, with a driver-friendly app pre-loaded onto the device.

This app, called One20, reportedly contains features for easier navigation and travel, as well as a job-specific social network. The source also connects this new offering to the trucking industry's early adoption of new technology.

Trucking businesses and others with logistics concerns should focus on what they can do to embrace big data. Lightweight legacy modernization systems will help enterprises design compatible, easy-to-use apps. When efficiency is the major trend, working with the right tools can make all of the difference. Contact us to learn more about Inventu's FlyNet solution.