Focusing on implementation, not just Big Data

While many organizations want the benefits of better analytics, talking about Big Data may come with a few problems. Forbes contributor Bernard Marr recently explained some of the issues that arise from a misunderstanding of Big Data and how they can hamper development.

One of the most fundamental issues, he wrote, is the idea that the data itself is the most important goal. Instead, Marr asserted that it's the uses of the data, specifically implementation and ROI, that prove the importance of these developments.

Instead of focusing merely on collecting data, Marr wrote, the larger goal should be to use that data effectively to improve an organization, and focus less on simply trawling for information for its own sake. As more awareness about specific data emerges, organizations will need the tools to actually do something with this to set up further benefits.

"Companies may need to focus on more than the data itself."

To accomplish this, companies may need to focus not just on the data itself but the architecture they use to access it. TechRepublic recently examined the role of storage, for example, in furthering Big Data support throughout the enterprise.

This is because the size of data files demands more storage needs than some may be prepared for. Connecting this data to the enterprise through more accessible storage may help users take advantage of the latest solutions, the source said, and help them decentralize their operations further.

With greater means of accessing data, businesses may find themselves at more liberty to develop policies based on their findings. Portal integration is compatible with these plans, as properly blending host data helps administrators avoid the unnecessary complications of other data options. Using Inventu's web services, businesses will keep their web service code protected and improve upon direct database access options.