Government IT begins new Technology Transformation Service

The government has a new federal organization to assist greater tech improvements. In a press release, the General Services Administration would create a new source for federal bodies that need help transitioning to new systems. This will be the Technology Transformation Service, which, following the previously released Public Buildings and Federal Acquisition Services, extends the GSA's ability to address agency needs.

Under this banner, participants will be able to seek help for various types of tech-related concerns, including implementation issues as well as improvements for greater accessibility. The TTS will include several section parts within it, including a "services company and product incubator" for digital development.

In a press statement on the new service, GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth said that the government's new efforts show its interest in planning around future developments and trends.

"Improving technology services is one of the federal government's biggest shared challenges," Roth said. "By creating the Technology Transformation Service, we are demonstrating our long-term commitment to help agencies create accessible, efficient, user-centered and secure technology."

"Participants will be able to seek help for various types of tech-related concern."

One of the most transition-friendly aspects of Inventu's Flynet Viewer is its advanced integration capabilities, ensuring that web services allow users to coordinate work across multiple screens. A browser based terminal emulator also lets users streamline their application modernization activity, since an organization can be overwhelmed by the large amount of devices it suddenly has to accommodate in a new, modern environment.

Emulation tools can let companies work with IBM Mainframe hosts and avoid outdated applets and supplements for various other previous products. New operators, government or otherwise, can make their systems easy to access and share to try and work around any issues with daunting new technologies and data loads. With Big Data demanding high workloads, improving existing infrastructures takes support that enterprises need to verify.