Preparing Your Business For BYOD In The New Year

With the proliferation of low-cost mobile devices, the number of employees and managers using their personal laptops, tablets and smartphones for work-related tasks is growing rapidly. As DataInformed pointed out, these items are common holiday gifts, which means businesses will have to prepare for an influx of new personal devices accessing their networks as the new year gets underway.

Bring your own device policies are commonplace today, and while most businesses recognize the benefits of letting employees work from anywhere at any time on devices they're comfortable with, very few actually have dedicated policies for managing a BYOD-driven workplace. As the news source explained, the rapid increase in the number of workers using new personal devices in the weeks following the holiday will be challenging for IT departments.

Ensuring that security policies are maintained and that workflows are easily accessible through smaller devices will be two of the most important tasks for IT teams. While the former is always a concern, even in the absence of BYOD, the latter can be the difference between ensuring these policies enhance productivity and making them a source of frustration. If employees can't access critical data through their personal devices, the promise of BYOD will evaporate.

In light of this, businesses that are still reliant on older mainframes as a means for storing data need to give employees using modern devices a way to access this data in a simplified way. One of the most potent tools to do so is a mature and reliable Web-based terminal emulator such as Flynet Viewer. With Flynet, employees can get into mainframes through a secure Web portal with an intuitive interface that makes their jobs easy.