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June 15, 2020-  Flynet Viewer 2016 Renamed Inventu Viewer+

Inventu Corporation is Proud to Announce New Names for Our Trusted and Proven Product Line--Flynet Viewer 2016 is Now Inventu Viewer+.

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February 8, 2012-  Besler Improves Medicare Efficiency with Inventu Viewer+

Besler is a healthcare financial and operations consulting company with over 175 clients in 20 states. Many of Besler’s customers are acute care hospitals, who use Besler’s BVerifiedSM suite of cloud-based solutions to ensure that they are paid what they deserve for the services they provide.

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October 25, 2011-  New Flynet Release Improves Web Emulation and Integration

Additional Cross-browser support and a new iPad-specific emulator HTML page for optimized access to any supported host with the iOS Safari Browser. New Screen Auditing Feature provides runtime production system administrators with full peace of mind, as each screen is verified to have fields in the correct location when utilizing the Flynet Web Service generation feature. An email is sent any time a screen may have changes that were not caught during normal change management.

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October 26, 2010-  Inventu Viewer+ 2010 with SharePoint 2010 Host Access Web Part

Inventu Corporation, developer and supplier of data integration solutions, today announced the availability of Inventu Viewer+ 2010 With SharePoint Host Access Web Part. The new feature is a must have for developers using Microsoft SharePoint who wish to include data and workflows from core business applications residing on mid-frame and mainframe systems such as IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/ISeries/i and UNIX systems, in their SharePoint solutions.

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April, 2009-  Penson Financial Services Leverages Inventu Viewer+ for Big ROI

Penson Worldwide is among the most important threads in the fabric of global trade and financial transactions. Their Penson Financial Services, Inc. division is the third largest clearing broker in the US, providing comprehensive clearing and settlement services for all major product types including equities, options, futures, FX, mutual funds and fixed income products. Penson acts as the intermediary in order to reconcile and complete orders between the transacting parties.

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November, 2008-  Major Health System Achieves Breakthroughs in User Access and Productivity by Using Inventu Viewer+

In their pursuit of a solution to integrate widespread mainframe data, a community-based, not-for-profit health care system in Florida, considered many approaches. Along the way, they discovered Inventu Viewer+, and found it to be the critical set of tools their development team needed to achieve integration breakthroughs.

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April, 2007-  MobileHWY and Inventu Solution Boosts Productivity of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement

MobileHWY and Inventu Corporation have entered into a co-marketing agreement designed to make it easier for municipalities to make productivity breakthroughs by using MobilHWY's Mobile INSPECTORT and CONTRACTORT, two key mobile solutions that ease the heavy burden on the building inspection and code enforcement functions of jurisdictions nationwide. The solution integrates with SunGard's HTE IBM� AS400-based application using Inventu's Viewer Studio Web Services Generator for the iSeries platform.

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April, 2007-  Flynet Web Services Integrates iSeries Building Inspector Package

Jupiter, Florida's Building Department Implements MobileHWY's Mobile INSPECTORT product using Inventu's Flynet Web Services Generator for the iSeries, integrating Inspector Laptops with the popular SunGard HTE package.

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March, 2007-  Inventu Corporation joins the Microsoft Midrange Alliance Program

Inventu Corporation today announced that it has officially become a member of the Midrange Alliance Program (MAP) as a "service provider" - leveraging the Inventu Viewer+ host integration product Inventu resells in the Americas.

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September, 2006-  Inventu Viewer+ V4 Launched

A revolutionary new application generator created by Inventu is a key feature of the new Inventu Viewer+ V4. The new application generator, part of the new Studio component of Inventu Viewer+, creates complete Visual Studio Solutions with classes and coding patterns based on a number of successfully deployed applications.

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October 10, 2005-  DDGlobal forms strategic partnership with Inventu Corporation

DDGlobal, a worldwide IT development firm, announced today its partnership with Inventu Corporation. Inventu provides host integration software and services targeted at organizations implementing new business initiatives.

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June 27, 2005-  State of Oklahoma Boosts Tax Revenues with Inventu Viewer+

A mobile wireless solution by Adea Solutions will enable the collection of millions of unpaid taxes in the state of Oklahoma.

Inventu Viewer+ is being used to access data on an IBM Mainframe which is updated real-time by tax officers in the field.

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June 23, 2005-  Announcing Screensurfer V5.0

Screensurfer V5.0 provides Screensurfer developers with the ability to extend the functionality of their Screensurfer applications using .NET extensions. In addition, the DevCenter and Visual Surfer capabilities from V3 have been "brought back" to run alongside the Express IDE that supplanted the Devcenter with V4.
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April 5, 2005-  Inventu Viewer+ Transforms Telecoms' Customer Billing System

Cox Communications is the third largest Multiple Service Operator (MSO) in the U.S. offering its customers high speed internet and telephone products in twenty states. In December 2004, they purchased Inventu Viewer+ from reseller, Inventu, to facilitate practical improvements to their customer billing system using the latest .NET technology.
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March 20, 2005-  Inventu Corporation Introduces Inventu Viewer+ at DevConnections Orlando

Inventu Corporation introduced the latest Flynet Screen Integration product and hosted a booth at the Microsoft DevConnections show in Orlando, Florida March 20 to the 23th of 2005.
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October 4, 2004-  Inventu Viewer+ gives MSD the competitive edge

In May 2004, Medical Specialties Distributors Inc., set out in search of an application that could take their existing equipment management program, known as MULTI Track, and make it available to their customers via the web. The system is used by MSD customers to track their owned  and rental medical equipment but the interface can be occasionally difficult to use and unintuitive.
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April 14, 2004-  MobileHwy Chooses Inventu as Host Integration "Vendor of Choice"

Marblehead, MA (April 14, 2004) - MobileHWY, LLC has chosen Inventu Corporation as their host integration "vendor of choice" over their existing host integration vendor relationships.
  The first project where Inventu's Screensurfer host integration product will be used is at Gaston County, NorthCarolina.
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December 16, 2003-  Screensurfer Acquired by Inventu

Original product team now sells and supports the Screensurfer Host Integration Server while driving new functionality in both Screensurfer and Flynet Screen Tools.
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