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Products and Marketing

Flynet LTD   Flynet, Ltd.

Products and Marketing Partner

Flynet markets and supports the Flynet Viewer product line worldwide. Flynet is a longtime partner with Inventu (authors of the Flynet Viewer products), having worked together for over fifteen years starting when Screensurfer was still with iE.

Flynet supports their Screensurfer accounts in the UK and Europe on Inventu's behalf, coupled with its own comprehensive technical consulting and development services.

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Flynet Limited
King William House
The Causeway
Cambridge CB5 0DU
Tel +44 01638 611111
Fax +44 1638 611115

Microsoft Midrange Alliance    Microsoft Corp - Midrange Alliance Program (

The Midrange Alliance Program is a strategic initiative by Microsoft and industry partners to educate enterprises relying on the iSeries platform about options for leveraging and extending investments in their IBM midrange systems, using Windows and the .NET Framework.

Mainframe Migration Alliance  Mainframe Migration Alliance (

The Mainframe Migration Alliance (MMA) is a group of companies that are working together to help customers migrate workloads off of the mainframe and onto the Microsoft platform. The Alliance represents a group of companies that have their interests aligned in making Mainframe Migrations easier and more efficient for customers.

Education and Training

LearnItFirst Online Training (

.NET, SharePoint, SQL Server Training

LearnItFirst is one of the web's leading online video training companies for technical professionals. LearnItFirst features SharePoint training videos, Visual Studio .NET training, SQL Server training and much more. LearnItFirst's online video training courses feature the experience of a "live" instructor-led class along with the affordability and portability of a "how to" book.

Services and Project Management

SystemArchitecture.NET (

Project Implementation Partner

SystemArchitecture.NET is a full-service Software Design and Development company with offices in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Their commitment to quality and excellence has resulted in a history of successful projects and implementations throughout New England. Their customers speak highly of their consultants and approach to Software Development.

Solution Providers

Learning Machines
Learning Machines, Inc. ( )

Solution Provider

Learning Machines, Inc. provides sophisticated Internet tutoring systems, custom software programming, and turnkey professional services related to the essential challenges of early childhood, K-12, post-secondary and professional education.

Flynet Viewer is utilized by Learning Machines to address their customer's integration needs when interfacing with State and County systems for such applications as textbook order entry.

MobileHwy MobileHWY (

Wireless Solution Provider

Founded in 1999 to provide mobile solutions utilizing the Internet and wireless mobile networks; MobileHWY is a leading provider of solutions for mobile workforces. With expertise in wireless technology, we support clients across several different vertical markets including government, construction, cable, utility, and other service related industries.

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