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Support Philosophy

At Inventu, our specialization in tools that build and run critical business applications requires us to provide timely and effective support.

  • Development staff (for all products) is an early participant in customer support any time there is an issue that may involve a needed fix to the product.
  • If a customer's production application has problems we will focus all of our efforts until that server is back online and functioning correctly
  • On request, for critical issues a fix will be issued to the customer's specific runtime build rather than the "current build"
  • We do not "hide" bugs discovered in the support process but consider the existence of a bug (and the fix!) vital information for both customers and evaluators

Support Guidelines

If you have a support need and have not yet visited the other pages in this part of the website, please review menu links above, and visit the relevant pages; everyone should review the HelpDesk guidelines, then depending on your product, please review the Inventu Viewer+ Guidelines or the Screensurfer Guidelines.

Email Support

For many customers with only a few questions, a quick email is the best way to initiate a dialog with Inventu support. Please email Inventu Tech Support Email

Online Helpdesk

Our decades of I.T. sales and support experience have also taught us that the online helpdesk approach is the best way to ensure rapid as well as organized and accurate support for our customers.

Tickets in the Helpdesk system are private between our customers and the Inventu support team. When a ticket is closed it may be migrated to the Searchable Knowledgebase for the benefit of other customers, but only with the permission of the customer and only after customer attachments are disconnected from the knowledgebase entry.

Phone Based Support

Calling on the phone for support when dealing with complex integration software is generally not recommended--the online ticket system provides the ability to cut-and-paste specific error messages as well as attach log files, screen-shots and so on.

However, we understand that for some issues a quick phone call is the best way to rapidly diagnose an issue and provide assistance. For these situations, please call:

Inventu Support:
888-352-8403  From 9am to 6pm EST

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