Inventu Support HelpDesk Guidelines

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Inventu Online Helpdesk Access

If you have downloaded one of our supported products, or are an existing customer, we recommend registering as a Helpdesk user if you were not automatically registered (you would have received an e-mail from us if automatically registered).

There is a New User link available on the initial Logon page that will be displayed when you access

Creating a Support Ticket

As noted in the left margin, help responses in the Helpdesk can only be as good as the please read the appropriate product guideline prior to creating a new Support Ticket: either read the Screensurfer Guidelines or Flynet Viewer Guidelines. Note that for each product, researching existing answers is the fastest way to solve a problem when your problem has already been answered.

Once you understand the Guidelines for your product, you can logon to the HelpDesk and select the Submit New Problem menu option.

You will need to select a category for your new ticket and also set the priority. The priority is very important to ensuring the proper attention is paid to your ticket:

    Priority Description
    LOW A routine question or evaluation issue. A development issue early in the development cycle.
    HIGH Time-critical issue that needs to be answered/solved ASAP. For example, a development question or issue that is preventing you from meeting a deadline or a production issue that is annoying but which doesn't affect your application working correctly.
    Production - Critical The highest priority - a production application is down or is failing. When a ticket or action is entered at this level, support staff at Inventu will receive a Pager alert with the ticket information and customer information.


The HelpDesk system supports attachments to a ticket - in most cases, an appropriate log file will provide support essential diagnostic information. It is strongly recommended that with each new ticket, if at all appropriate, you attach a ZIP file containing the relevant logs for your issue. See the appropriate guideline section for your product for a list of diagnostic files that can assist Inventu Support.

E-Mail Updates

When you have entered a new ticket, or a new action on a ticket, the assigned support staff at Inventu will receive an e-mail with your new actions included.

In addition, any time Inventu Support adds an action or attachment to your ticket, you will receive an e-mail alerting you to the action.

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