Inventu Viewer+ Support Guidelines

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How to Work on Inventu Viewer+ Issues

As Inventu Viewer+ is developed, maintained and enhanced by Inventu, we are an excellent source of support.

An excellent research site is which is a site we at Inventu maintain. Here, we document major milestone releases, documenting all new enhancements and bug fixes. You should check on the progress of our software here on a regular basis. This site is searchable, so by searching for a topic or behavior, you can find if it has already been fixed or added to the product in a newer release than yours!

Submitting a HelpDesk Ticket

If research on has not provided the answers, or if you need help quickly, you can email Inventu Support or submit a HelpDesk Ticket

First, if you haven't already, please read the Helpdesk guidelines before submitting your first ticket.

The basic steps of submitting a Viewer HelpDesk Ticket include:

  1. Identify the EXACT version and build you have installed-this can be obtained on the main page of the Administrator's Application (upper right). If the service won't start, at least include the timestamp and size of the c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\Viewer\bin\flyserver.exe file.
  2. Identify the type of problem - is is a scripting question or connection problem, for example?
  3. If you are seeing something "odd" in any of the product windows, use the Windows 10 Snip Tool or "Print Screen" key to take a Snapshot of your screen, then paste into the Support Ticket along with your description).
  4. Make sure that tracing is active which is a Service setting in the Admin Server Settings Page
  5. See the attachments table below for useful actions and files you may want to attach to the ticket--remember that any problems involving host protocol issues or scripts that don't work correctly will usually have the Support staff requesting you to send one or more of these files, so you can speed things up by attaching them at the beginning!

Issue Type Action / File(s) to Upload
Cannot connect to host or something is wrong with screens in the FVTerm Terminal Emulator or the Admin Emulation Window Set Tracing on using the Administrator's Console and Checking Service Settings / Service: Trace is Default, then reproduce the problem you are seeing and attach both log files:
c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyServ.log
c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyHL.log
A Screenshot of the problem screen(s) is extremely helpful.
Screen Recorder not working
  1. Restart service with tracing active
  2. Use Screen Recorder up until the point of failure
  3. Take a screenshot of recorder (Print Screen Key, clipboard Paste into empty Word doc)
  4. Attach screenshot.doc and:
    c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyServ.log
    c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyHL.log
Screen recognition not working
  1. In your screen definitions file set DEBUG="YES" in the top level tag
  2. Set Tracing on and run your application
  3. In the Trace Viewer find the point of failure--the diagnostics from the debug="yes" may provide your answer...if not:
  4. Attach your screen definition XML file(s) and:
    c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyServ.log
    c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\viewer\data\FlyHL.log
  5. In your ticket, describe the screen that is not being properly recognized...
Mapper not working correctly
  1. Take a screenshot of relevant Mapper screen (if shows problem) (Print Screen Key, clipboard Paste into empty Word doc)
  2. Attach the screenshot .DOC file if created in step 1
  3. Attach your screen definition XML file
  4. Attach any Recording or Log file being used as for a screen reference, which may be found at:
    c:\program files\[inventu|flynet]\screen tools\recordings\mapperArchive
  5. Provide details on how to recreate the problem...steps taken and so on.

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