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Flynet Viewer gives MSD the competitive edge

Medical Specialties Distributors

In May 2004, Medical Specialties Distributors Inc., set out in search of an application that could take their existing equipment management program, known as MULTI Track, and make it available to their customers via the web. The system is used by MSD customers to track their owned  and rental medical equipment but the interface can be occasionally difficult to use and unintuitive. They felt that an enhanced user interface would not only improve the service for existing customers but that they would gain a competitive advantage by providing real-time intelligence to customers from anywhere in the world.

MSD had put many years of programming into MULTI Track so they needed a solution, which would utilise the existing application logic but present a new interface to the user with robust options. For example, presenting drop down lists of information so that operators do not need to recall items and summarising information from different reports on a single web page. MSD initially offered secure access via CITRIX to a terminal emulator called NetTerm, which allowed secure access via the web to Multi Track. However, the interface was still a typical "green screen", which some customers found cumbersome and lacking today's web based application look and feel.

"MSD examined a broad spectrum of suppliers and short-listed three; WRQ, Ericom and Inventu (a Flynet Viewer reseller)," commented Matt Francis, Senior Systems Administrator, MSD. Each supplier was asked to develop a proof of concept solution. "After looking at all aspects of each supplier we decided to go with Inventu due to our high confidence in Inventu's Development Team and the Flynet Viewer software."

After extensive collaborative scoping, design and internal testing, MSD launched a beta test with one of their major customers  on October 4th. Four major branch locations started to use the new application, MULTI Track Plus. It was a big hit with their beta testers and possible new customers. On October 18th MSD launched a nationwide sales effort to offer Multi Track Plus to national accounts and small distributors that had been shying away from using this robust system due to look and usability.

Peter Elias, Director of Equipment Management Services, commented, "Our customers have responded very positively to the new application which has fulfilled our expectations and makes us stand out from the crowd. I'm very happy we chose Inventu because Inventu gave us the extra attention and support we all strive to get from a software company and consulting firm."

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