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-Proven since 1998 as a full-function Host-To-Web Application Server, Screensurfer is ideal for quick projects in stand-alone server environments.-

Marblehead, MA (December 16, 2003) - The Screensurfer Host-to-Web server has been acquired by the Inventu Corporation from Teamstudio, Inc.

Screensurfer, which debuted in 1998, is a proven HTML-based Web-to-host integration tool. Screensurfer offers fully automated "pass-through" HTML-based browser access to host screens, and facilitates the rapid deployment of new, enhanced and fully re-engineered front-ends.

Inventu, a company founded by the original Screensurfer product team from iE (Intelligent Environments), provides host integration software and services targeted at organizations implementing new business initiatives.

The Highlights of the Acquisition Include:

  • Screensurfer support will immediately transfer to the Inventu Corporation
  • Online support is immediately available at
  • All existing maintenance contracts will be honored until their expiration dates as determined by the most recent renewal with Teamstudio
  • Special consideration and renewal opportunities are available to those customers that are not currently under a maintenance agreement
  • Screensurfer Version 3 has been placed back on active support.
Mr. Bill Thorne, President of Inventu, said:
"We're very excited about our acquisition of Screensurfer: the Screensurfer customers have always appreciated the product's functionality, versatility and performance. Now, we're returning as the support team and are thrilled to renew our prior relationships and success with our customers."

"We have been rewarded time and again by using Screensurfer and our services to implement radical upgrades in our customer's work environments. Starting with a live, working system enables rapid and effective support of new business initiatives using Web, Wireless or Interactive Voice Response technologies. No other type of software project achieves so much with so little effort."

About Inventu Corporation

Inventu ( provides software and services that address the exploitation and integration of screen-based legacy applications to drive new business initiatives. The Screensurfer Web-to-Host application server is a self-contained solution that provides a low cost, rapid means of rejuvenating host screens as web pages. Flynet Viewer is a set of products that Inventu develops and sells in the Americas. Flynet Viewer is a new set of products designed to leverage the Microsoft .NET framework and Integrated Development Environments designed to work with .NET and Microsoft COM technologies.

For more information, contact Inventu Sales at (888) 352-8403 x706, by fax at (781) 791-9586, email, or visit the company's Web site at

Screensurfer is a trademark of Inventu. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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