Flynet Viewer 2016 Renamed Inventu Viewer+

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Inventu Corporation is Proud to Announce New Names for Our Trusted and Proven Product Line

  • Inventu Viewer+ (formerly called Flynet Viewer 2016)
  • Inventu Viewer+ Studio (formerly called Flynet Studio)
  • Our Screensurfer product retains its original name

Why the Name Change?

Put simply, the time is right for us to engage in an overall rebranding process. As part of our relationship with a UK business partner, Flynet Limited, we originally used the term “Flynet” to brand the product line. Inventu developed the product line, and owns the relevant software copyrights. Our relationship with Flynet Limited has ended and, to clarify and streamline our offerings, we will now offer the product line only under the “Inventu” brand. We will support all products offered under our Inventu brand name and we will support all of our customers’ products currently installed under the “Flynet” brand name.

A Seamless Change With Zero Impact To Our Customer's Operations

Since the first release of Screensurfer, Inventu’s original web-based emulation software in 1995, our commitment has always been the same — to provide exceptional responsiveness to the daily and evolving needs of our customers, present and future. Nothing has changed.

  • Our great support team, problem-solving attitude and spirit of can-do partnership our customers have always expected and received
  • Expanded support and consulting resources through increased staff and new partnerships with access to leading experts in systems modernization, systems integration and transformational change
  • Zero disruption in current licensing, operations or support
  • Continuous improvement of the code that has made our products among the most stable and reliable in the industry for 25 years.

We are proud of our products and our support and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the name change or any other aspects of our software!

2024 Update-Flynet Viewer now Jubilant?

March of 2024 the Flynet LTD website has switched and Flynet itself has changed the name of their products from Flynet Viewer to "Jubilant" including "Jubilant TE" and "Jubilant Studio".

During April of 2024, they briefly changed the product that is downloaded--there is actually a large, new terminal emulator. Early tests show it to be a raw, alpha-level implementation with some well-done cosmetics but sluggish and buggy performance. Hardly usable as a replacement for even the 6 year old Flynet Viewer 2016--which as of April 30, 2024 is the active download for ASCII protocols.

Want to Learn more? Ask us or simply install and go!