Inventu Viewer+ Compared to Flynet Jubilant TE

Inventu has continued to enhance Inventu Viewer+ as well as fix multiple defects across all protocols and web environments. Flynet LTD cannot as they have been cut-off from new releases and do not have a current copy of the source code.

Inventu Authored Flynet Viewer which we Renamed Inventu Viewer+ -- Inventu Holds the Copyright, Has Sole Ownership and is the Only Source of Level 3 Support for both Flynet Viewer and Inventu Viewer+.

Along with Renaming our Product We have added and fixed many features -- So we have deprecated Flynet Viewer Version 5.0.342 and all prior versions

Feature Inventu Viewer+ Deprecated Flynet Viewer Versions
True License Key--NOT Evaluation Code (Are you PAYING for an Evaluation?)
Continuous Updates at Code over FIVE YEARS OLD)
Direct Support for TLS 1.3
High-Level Administrator's Server, Views and Profiles Configurators
Diagnostic Dashboard with Configuration Support
Host and Profile Wizards for Creating and Validating New Connections
Configurable Session Cookie Security Options for HTML5 Browsers
Introductory Help Page for New Users
Localization Support for End-Users with 11 Non-English Languages Supported
IBM DBCS Support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Others
IBM 3270 Device Printer Support- 3287-1
IBM 5250 Device Printer Support- 3812-2
OAuth2 OpenID Connect Identity for all providers
SAML 2.0 - OKTA, SalesForce and ADFS Security and Identity
Google Sign-In Support for Security and Identity
Clustered Server Support For Console User Security
IBM DCAS RACF Single-Signon Support
SSH Connections Security Update
Anti-malware startup scan of key executables
FVTerm Support for Cross-Hair Cursor Mode
Multi-Screen Print Screen Icons
Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime V141
Bug Fixes - Including Security and Data Integrity Fixes
  • TLS Connection Reliability-Improved Cipher Matching
  • SSH Change Password Support
  • Upgraded ViewerLib4 API to CLI based C++ .NET
  • Replaced Deprecated PulseEvent Internal Windows Call
  • VT220 Broken Send Changes Only Logic
  • 3270 lost update text
  • 3270 cursor positioning
  • 3270 Input Field First Position Bug
  • 3270 Broken Screen Writes from Telnet Escape
  • 5250 cursor positioning
  • 5250 Screen Restore Exception
  • 5250 Auto-Entry now Supported
  • 5250 Right-Justify for Fields > 20 characters
  • 5250 Keyboard Locking Compatibility
  • 5250 Mandatory Entry Fields were Numeric Only
  • 5250 Lost screen data from Telnet Escape
  • Loss of Session due to Error Condition
  • Clustered Server Memory Leak
  • IND$File for 3270 multiple fixes
  • VT Box Drawing
  • FVTerm Blank Startup
  • Touch Device Data Entry
  • Errors for wrong Data Type Appeared in Wrong location
  • Support for large 3270 Password fields
  • Websocket error management
  • Websocket error causing tight-loop; loss of vCPU
Recorder 2.0 Support for Scrubbing Personal Data
InventuSSO Scripted Admin-Free Single-Signon Support
Automated Update of Document.Domain for Javascript API across servers
Support for Browser Messaging API for Startup SSO Integration
Default 5250 Reset Key now Left-Control for Compatibility
Left-Control Key can be Mapped in FVTerm
FVTerm Clickable Menus for 3270 and ASCII Protocols
FVTerm Sessions Page and API for Multi-Sessions
Improved FVTerm User Interface / Icons at Top / Large Icons
FVTerm Automatic Word-Wrap for Multiline Fields
FVTerm Mouse-Wheel Page-Up / Page-Down Support
Installer clip-board licensing for "locked-down" servers
Server-based Storage of User Settings
Clipboard Copy and Paste Multi-Line Enhancements
Clipboard Copy Column Detection for Pasting to Excel
Clipboard Paste Column/Tab Detection for Pasting to Multiple fields from Excel
OpenAPI SWAGGER-based host-access transaction generation
Studio Faster Generation and Compilation (Roslyn Support)
Studio ScreenAPI Task for Rapid MicroService Generation
Studio Generates for Visual Studio 2019 and 2022
Studio Generation added .NET Frameworks 4.7.1, 4.7.2 and 4.8
Studio Programming Mode for Web Preview
Studio Options Editing Now Possible without IIS Express installed
Admin Console Now Displays Subscription Expiration with Warnings
Visual Studio Extension Support for Visual Studio 2019

Here's what our customers have to say about it:

"I have been holding several sessions with our distributors that use Inventu for accessing our system and the feedback has been so positive. We have presented to our CEO the SSO into order entry and how we've Modernized a legacy tool."

by Senior Executive
Major Auto/Aerospace Manufacturer

"Unlike the other web emulators I tried, Inventu Viewer was easy to setup and suffered no glitches along the way."

by Senior Developer
The Legend Group

"The browser based design allows us to use lighter less expensive devices. Can even use thin clients or mobile devices on the floor."

by Senior Analyst
Major Worldwide Manufacturer
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