Inventu Viewer+ Overview

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Inventu Viewer+ Emulation Server Components

Inventu Viewer+ is a modern, high-performance server solution for businesses looking t​​​o connect to applications on IBM Mainframes, IBM i (AS400), Linux/UNIX and MultiValue systems. It can be used for instant access web-based terminal emulation which runs faster, is more secure and complete than other terminal emulation products​.

With its high value and low cost, starting with an assisted Proof of Concept on through to full life-cycle support, Inventu Viewer+ is the easiest purchase decision available in the terminal emulation market today.

The following sections introduce the products and features that make-up the Inventu Viewer+ family.

Application: The FVTerm Terminal Emulation Web Server

Based on Microsoft IIS, Inventu Viewer+’s mature multi-threaded emulation service and constantly improving Javascript framework makes it possible to achieve flexible, high qualit​​y terminal emulation in any web browser. Users enjoy instant "one-click" terminal emulation, without the need for any add-ons or installation steps. FVTerm is the industry's best replacement option for Java Terminal Emulators like Host-On-Demand and Reflections for the Web. It provides lightning-fast desktop quality, with a bundle of popular features added over the years driven by customer requirements and experience.

We have successfully load-tested a 4,000 session test through the FVTerm web terminal application running 800 transactions / SECOND on only a 2 vCPU Virtual Windows Server with minimal latency introduced by the emulation service. Compare this to the competition, that typically requires a heavily resourced VM for only a few hundred sessions.

Application: Administrator's Web Server, Hosts, Views and Access Profiles Configurator

Introduced in 2019 as an Inventu Exclusive, "Profiles Mode" configuration provides flexible administration of one or more terminal emulation access profiles. Enables easy discovery and selection by administrators of the Inventu Viewer+ FVTerm security, runtime and user interface features and options.

With a Host Definition Creation Wizard and a Profile Creation Wizard, the Configuration Framework solves the age-old problem of "which settings work?"

Component: Base Terminal Emulation Service

The Inventu Viewer+ Base Terminal Emulation Service provides high performance server-based connectivity to IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/iSeries, UNIX/Linux/VMS/MultiValue Systems supporting thousands of terminal sessions on a single server.

The Terminal Emulation Server is the basic foundation for the Inventu Viewer+ runtime environment and includes a variety of tools and utilities for managing the live server as well as diagnosing issues.

Product: Inventu Terminal Emulation Network Appliance

Solve Large-Scale Web Terminal Emulation Challenges with the Integrated Inventu Network Appliance.

With a single purchase order, you can have a pre-loaded rack-mounted server from one of the three major vendors delivered to your premises.

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