Simplify Terminal Emulation Implementation with the Inventu Network Appliance

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Solve Large-Scale Web Terminal Emulation Challenges with the Integrated Inventu Network Appliance

With a single purchase order, you can have a pre-loaded rack-mounted server from one of the three major vendors delivered to your premises.

Avoid budgeting and configuration complications

  • A single purchase provides an integrated appliance pre-loaded with multiple copies of the latest Windows Server operating system running as a Hyper-V managed cluster with all configuration and licensing setup by Inventu.
  • Select the Hardware Vendor to match your machine room, We can configure and order from Dell, Lenovo, HP or any major vendor that provides on-site service. 
  • The First Three Years, Service is Included, with your options and your familiar hardware service team.

Integrated Inventu Viewer+ Emulation Servers

The Inventu Terminal Emulation server has the best profile today for delivering high-performance and efficient terminal emulation to a variety of web-based users. The problem for many large organizations is that with thousands of users needing to be supported, allocating the right level of server resources can be confusing and politically challenging. By ordering in blocks of 500 users, Inventu will configure the right server to support the number of users you need to support as well as implementing a clustered licensing solution for high availability.

Most Configurations only require a single 1U rack slot 

With a clustered Hyper-V Windows Server implementation, with typical emulation using TN3270 or TN5250 protocols, up to 8000 users can be supported in a 1U rack, and up to 16,000 on a 2U rack slot. With ASCII protocols such as VT220, ViewPoint or Wyse these numbers are adjusted down depending on how users interact with the host applications.

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