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TN3270 is now the most popular method of delivering 3270 terminal emulation due to the flexibility and freedom from proprietary SNA network environments.

Meanwhile, the use of TN3270 outside of a company's walls is a very low-security environment. With the Inventu Viewer+ FVTerm application running with the Industry standard SSL/TLS and your choice of the latest User Identity Technologies, TN3270 applications can be quickly and securely delivered as 100% HTML and javascript to all popular browsers, with no changes required on the mainframe.

Many companies have implemented user productivity applications that work as Web applications, yet still have a terminal emulator running on the user's desktop. With Inventu Viewer+, the TN3270 applications can be integrated at the browser so that the users see a single menu, and can easily switch between Intranet applications and the TN3270 emulation session.

Are You Struggling Managing Obsolete Java/ActiveX TN3270 Emulators?

IBM/Rational Host-on-Demand and Microfocus/Attachmate Reflections for the Web are two of the most popular Java-based Web terminal emulators in-use today.

Originally, Java provided a slick way to reduce the hassles of installing desktop terminal emulators while also enabling integration with in-house Web Applications through a variety of HLLAPI-derived API's.

But Oracle has withdrawn support for Java applets, making their use problematic both from a management and security perspective. What once was a slick solution is now a big PAIN and your users are the ones suffering a loss of productivity and compatibility--only Internet Explorer 11 still works with Java applets!

Inventu Viewer+ is The Only Web Solution Powerful and Fast Enough to Replace your Existing TN3270 Solution

Other vendors may offer "HTML5 Web Terminal Emulators" but the server and network impact of these are radically different; NOT Inventu Viewer+, with the fastest pure Web terminal emulator on the market. Don't make the mistake of selecting one of the slower products only to have your users complain "this new emulator is slowing me down!"

Inventu has helped many organizations, both large and small, convert from being trapped by their Java TN3270 terminal emulators -- Learn more about What You Should Look For in a TN3270 Web Terminal Emulator.

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