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We offer a direct download of Flynet Viewer, which provides state-of-the-art terminal emulation in a browser, as well as the industry's best .NET web services integration and modernization options. Screensurfer is provided to our existing customers-- Screensurfer is our self-contained Legacy Web-to-Host product.

Flynet Viewer Download

Flynet Viewer offers today's best option for organizations needing terminal emulation and integration for IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/i, UNIX and MultiValue systems. Built on the latest Microsoft Server technologies, Flynet Viewer minimizes proprietary technology while delivering pure HTML + Javascript terminal emulation. Flynet Viewer is an ideal upgrade from obsolete desktop and java-based terminal emulators.

The Flynet Viewer Emulation Server (includes the FVTerm Web Terminal Emulator) and Flynet Viewer Studio (for developing web services and modernization solutions) require an access code to function. Click on the 30 Day Free Evaluation and Download to register and an evaluation code will be emailed to you along with instructions.

Screensurfer Download

Screensurfer was one of the first products to deliver terminal sessions to web browsers with a fluid scripting environment closely modeled after the then-popular and ground-breaking ColdFusion web development environment.

In use world-wide at companies both large and small, Screensurfer continues to deliver reliable value and performance. Inventu continues to support Screensurfer including every major version sold to our customers.