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Major Government Contractors Build Next Generation EPIC

The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), in El Paso Texas is managed by the DEA as part of the Department of Justice's consolidation of domestic intelligence for all agencies including the DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Secret Service, to name just a few.

In the middle of 2010, after downloading Flynet Viewer and viewing a web demonstration, Flynet Viewer was selected to be part of a new replacement for a years-old system, with the new release to go live in early 2012. Flynet Viewer was chosen over other, much larger vendors (one of which had been used in the past). It was chosen due to the power of its development productivity, runtime efficiency and diagnostics in providing a web services and web terminal emulation solution with connections for 50 users to 4 major federal mainframe systems.

ADC Integrated Systems Connects Data Collection to Mainframes

As manufacturers and others reap the rewards of hand-held data collection devices, the actions and movement of materials need to be constantly updated in all systems involved in the manufacturing process. Starting in early 2011, at ThyssenKrupp Elevator, ADC Integrated Systems utilized Flynet Viewer and Inventu's expert support to tie data from the factory floor to the Thysenkrupp mainframe-based ERP systems. The solution expanded to two more locations in early 2012.

As with many of our partner success stories, with just a few short web training and mentoring sessions, the ADC developers were able to quickly get up to speed with Flynet Studio. After just two sessions they were already generating production-ready, easily maintained and extended screen integration web services.

Acsis Helps Meadwestvaco Integrate to an AS400 BPCS ERP

Another strong system integration partner, Acsis is a leader in tracking software for some of the world's most prestigious manufacturers. In 2010, Acsis utilized Flynet Viewer and Inventu's expert support to implement integrated data collection at Meadwestvaco, a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions.

The Flynet Enhanced UI generator was used to create ASP.NET web pages that work well in the hand-held factory floor environment, but are connected directly to the screens on the AS400 BPCS ERP application. Special javascript routines were implemented to assist in bar-code scanning as well as function key and web page button integration.

Flynet Viewer and Wireless Public Sector Field Force Automation

A mobile wireless solution by Adea Solutions (Now Valtech) enabled the collection of millions of unpaid taxes in the state of Oklahoma.

Flynet Viewer was used to access data on an IBM Mainframe, updated real-time by tax officers in the field.

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