Screen Scraper - Screensurfer Host Access for the Web; Legacy Connectivity with Enhanced HTML Emulation

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If you are looking for a 3270, 5250 or other terminal emulation Screen-Scraper, Flynet Viewer or Screensurfer is your answer. We prefer the term ScreenSurfing, because old-fashioned approaches to upgrading mainframe screens (Screen Scraping) are too difficult, have too many programmatic details and are simply too complicated. A traditional Screen/Scraper product uses EHLLAPI or other complicated API's to deliver screen data and functionality to a client program.

Flynet Viewer uses high-level tools to capture screens, map them and model web services using the latest mainstream Microsoft .NET technologies.

Screensurfer is not such a 'screen scraper'; it provides progamming that "lives inside the screen". That is because unlike Screen-Scraping with EHLLAPI, Screensurfer embeds HTML templates right along with screen access HTML extension tags. Screen/Scraping will never be the same.

Other approaches, which still align themselves with the term 'screen scraping', are now attempting Web Products, but they don't get it. They implement their own proprietary web server and server-side Java environments and then give the developer complicated tiers of Java classess meshed with proprietary macro scripting for every screen element and operation; that's a lot of code! No wonder they call it a scraper. A Screen upgrade to the Web deserves a better approach: Screen Surfing! Stop Scraping; start Surfing. Scrape no more: Surf!

You might ask yourself "how can I tell the difference between a screensurfing product and a screen-scraping product." Well, one easy answer is check the memory requirements and runtime performance. You can usually detect a traditional screen-scraping product that has been hurredly ported to execute in a server mode if it: A) is a huge memory hog B) runs very slowly and C) is single-threaded in critical areas meaning it runs even slower with a lot of concurrent user requests.

Of course, we built Screensurfer from the ground-up to avoid these problems and to also optimize both its development productivity and runtime performance around the screen-to-HTML paradigm.

Inventu Corporation

Inventu provides our Customers with software and services to implement new applications that support business initiatives. Inventu concentrates on using, replacing and renewing existing (legacy) applications using our original product, Screensurfer and our latest and greatest creation, Inventu Flynet Viewer.

Flynet Viewer

Flynet Viewer provides "everything you need" and "nothing you don't want" for screen interfacing by development teams utilizing Microsoft IDE environments such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic and Visual Interdev.


Screensurfer is an All-in-one host screen-to-Web application server that runs on Windows servers such as Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Screensurfer is self-contained; no other products or development tools are needed to implement a new web-to-host application.

With an HTML-based tag language (Surferscript) which is very similar to Coldfusion CFML, Screensurfer provides very high productivity when converting existing 3270, 5250 and VT100 screens into HTML pages.

Screensurfer's IDE, the Express Editor and Debugger, provides an integrated editing and step-trace debugger for a solid editing and development environment that any developer can appreciate.

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