Screen Scraper - Learn How Inventu Provides the Best Screen Scraping For 3270, 5250 and ASCII Terminals Like VT100

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From The People That Introduced Screensurfing -- Better Than Screenscraping!

If you are looking for a 3270, 5250 or other terminal emulation Screen-Scraper, Inventu has your answer. We prefer the term ScreenSurfing, because old-fashioned approaches to upgrading mainframe screens (Screen Scraping) are too difficult, have too many programmatic details and are simply too complicated. A traditional Screen/Scraper product uses EHLLAPI or other complicated API's to deliver screen data and functionality to a client program.

Inventu Viewer+ uses high-level tools to record and capture screens, map them and model web services that can incorporate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using our exclusive object-oriented State-Based Logic Generated Code.

Other approaches, such as IBM/Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) are increasingly becoming irrelevant. They implement their own proprietary web server and server-side Java environments and then give the developer complicated tiers of Java classess meshed with proprietary macro scripting for every screen element and operation; that's a lot of code! No wonder they call it a scraper. A Screen upgrade to the Web deserves a better approach: Screen Surfing! Stop Scraping; start Surfing. Scrape no more: Surf!

You might ask yourself "how can I tell the difference between a screensurfing product and a screen-scraping product." Well, one easy answer is check the memory requirements and runtime performance. You can usually detect a traditional screen-scraping product that has been hurredly ported to execute in a server mode if it: A) is a huge memory hog   B) runs very slowly and   C) is single-threaded in critical areas meaning it runs even slower with a lot of concurrent user requests.

Of course, Inventu built Inventu Viewer+'s Screen-scraping integration and logic from the ground-up to avoid these problems and to also optimize both its development productivity and runtime performance around the screen-to-HTML paradigm.

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