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IBM Host Access Transformation Services is a common IBM Java product for screen integration and what IBM has termed "WebFacing" which is upgrading a screen to a more attractive HTML presentation UI--Inventu Viewer is newer and both more productive and sophisticated, with an ability to generate full Microsoft .NET applications.

The following table is a quick comparison between the two products. To get a full appreciation of the productivity available with the Inventu Product set, please contact us and we would be happy to provide a live web demonstration.

CategoryInventu ViewerIBM HATS
PlatformMicrosoft IIS and ASP.NET - integrated environment with fully generated Visual Studio Solutions deployed as .NET web applications integrated with the Inventu FVTerm Pure Web Terminal EmulatorJava and Apache running on UNIX/AIX/LINUX with Eclipse and Plug-ins as development environment
ReleasesMarch 2018 - constant release cycle with rolling fixes and enhancements based on industry and customer requirements.December 2011 was last release containing enhancements (Version 8.0) - all releases since then have been bug fixes.
Web servicesModel multiple services from multiple recordings, control over parameters and return data, all using standard c# and ASP.NET web service codeEach web service is a data macro which generates a JSP file, oriented to easy recording but not easily customized.
REST-JSON SupportSupports WCF-JSON calls, enabling calls directly from web clients to generated services. Generated javascript definitions support high-level use by web developers including customized sample code for each transaction.No known support for REST-JSON, but there is support for Lotus Notes Rich Clients!
WS ComplexitySupports complex navigation as well as complex data inquiry, add and update.Data and navigation based on simple key stroking
UI TypeGenerated and customized ASPX PagesRules-based on-the-fly UI transformation
FrameworkModel-View-Controller separates screen I/O from UINo framework, UI rules are expanded over time screen-by-screen
Responsive Web DesignBuilt-in designers for identifying blocks of fields that flow together to enable support for various device screen sizes and layouts.No built-in designers; requires detailed modification of generated pages to achieve responsive HTML.
Logic Analyst identifies screen roles; for each role, a set of finite logic states are generated and corresponding object-oriented methods are generated for each state handler. Any need to handle additional complexity is immediately supported through granular, easily managed object-oriented extension of individual state handlers. Proprietary macro language defined in XML. At runtime, a closed interpreter class is used to "run" the macros, with no real ability to tweak the operation except for defined events, which call external java methods.
Logic ScalabilityAs complexity grows, reuse of recordings and navigation preserve productivity while finite state logic handles increased complexity smoothlyDevelopers must join automation objects together in code for any reuse-any complexity that is not handled within simple macro language requires external java methods, which are complex to implement and support.
RecordingRecording focus is on capturing entire streams of work either in provided recording tool or using the in-line proxy recorder, which enables capturing a real user busy at processing multiple production tasks to capture the most screens and conditions that can occur in a production environmentMacro recording is oriented to individual tasks and requires a programming approach from the start, even if the full nature of the application isn't well understood.
Simulated HostRecordings are used to create a full reproduction of the host application to simplify and accelerate development. Developers can run their own version of the host application without worrying about impact on databases--each test will run the same way each time.No known host application scripting capability.
RobustnessFull support for exceptions and data entry errors, all logic available in modular c# task classesSimple macros provide minimal developer control over exceptions
FragilityScreen changes affect one external screen input/output module (DLL)-- can add new recording, update field locations and redeploy.Changes affect all macros using screen that is changed
Code GenerationFull generation of all transaction logic, as well as supporting c# framework in a ready-to-build Microsoft Visual Studio Solution set.Housekeeping logic is generated in Java as a JSP file, to manage parameters and to call the macro interpreter for defined automation objects, which are XML-based macro definitions.
Unit TestingInventu Designer Studio includes built-in generator for live GUI unit tester which combines test case data management (parameter values), live test monitor (maximize test value while avoiding any possible host data integrity issues) with live recording and logging.Macro tester provides ability to visually test a macro while optionally extending to support exception cases.
Integration TestingLive Test Monitor provides full control over a web service as it is called by an external process. All data entry and screen enter keys can be controlled by the Test Monitor user. Any new screens or conditions managed during the test are captured in a live recording, which can be immediately imported into the Inventu Studio to regenerate an improved web service for the next test.No known integration testing monitor.
Initial Rollout SupportGenerated application has integrated application-level logging, the detail level of which is controlled with a configuration file.No known application log management.
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