Inventu On-Site Workshops

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Provide your Team with a Kick-off

If the Online Training Option seems like too loose an option for your team, one of our on-site Workshops may be preferable. With the on-site workshop, the same lecture and exercises will be utilized as with the online training, but with a live instructor on-hand to assist directly with the exercises.

Duration of the class is 2-3 days, depending on the type of implementation. Typically, for recording, modeling and generating Web Services, a 2 day workshop will suffice. For the up-coming ASP.NET UI generator release, expect at least 3 days to complete the training.

Prior to your workshop, Inventu will provide the instructions for student workstation setup, as well as the prerequisite skillsets of the attendees.

How to Get Started

Please call or email our sales staff if you are interested in an on-site workshop, at 888-352-8403 (press 1 for sales) or

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