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Taking Advantage of Web Meeting Technology

Inventu today helps customers get started with our products with three FREE web meetings of up to two hours each.

Getting Started with Inventu Viewer+

The Learning curve for all the productivity tricks and techniques with Inventu Viewer+ is short but can be steep without some direct hands-on help. For new customers of Inventu Designer Studio, an Inventu Developer will schedule up to three web conferences with one or more developers. The goal is to take the developers through a full development cycle of the first web service.

Training without a Fixed Schedule

Some of our customers have found that they understand generally how our products work after the introductory sessions, but would like some more detailed training.

While we do provide Onsite Workshops as one of our training options, the online web conference training session has proven to "fill the gap" between no training and the more expensive and harder to schedule onsite option.

How our online options work is simple: based on your needs, we schedule a number of web conferences with associated exercises. Where, in a normal training environment, there is a mix of lectures and exercises, in the online environment, typically the students are online for the lecture portion and a quick walkthrough of the next exercise.

In-between online sessions, students perform the exercises, then meet the next day (or when convenient) to review the exercises and view the next presentation by the instructor.

A full Web-Service Generator online course will consist of approximately 8 online sessions, although this can vary widely depending on the skills and progress of the students.

How to Get Started

Please call or email our sales staff if you are interested in online training at 888-352-8403 (press 1 for sales) or

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