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Screensurfer licensing is based completely on live Screensurfer server implementations. Only $500 is charged for single-system development copies, which are available for download from the Inventu Web Site - request download instructions here...).

Developer License
The developer license entitles the holder to install Screensurfer on a single Windows/NT (or better) workstation or server.
The developer license will allow the developer to define and execute up to ten concurrent host sessions. These sessions are accessible from a web browser executing on the developer's machine only.
This arrangement enables evaluation, prototyping, development and testing to proceed without any need for incurring any major software expenses.
The Screensurfer team is confident that if you have a need for a 3270 Web Gateway and evaluate Screensurfer, you will soon be purchasing a server license.

Server Licensing
Server licensing is based on the maximum concurrent users that can have active host sessions executing on that server. Maintenance is available at an annual rate of 20% of the initial server license cost. Maintenance provides major upgrade insurance as well as access to high-performance builds and emergency fixes.
For more information, contact Inventu Screensurfer Sales.
Screensurfer PerformanceCustomer Support