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Visual Surfer A development methodology comprised of a series of wizards.
Identify and Navigate Wizard Identifys and navigates between screens to create a master list for your application.
Screen Object Wizard With mouse highlighting capabilities, determine the look and feel of your application screen by screen.
Visual Script Editor High level editor in which you can create, modify and extend scripts for advanced customization.
Global Applications Settings Drag-and-drop visual editor that allows customization of your application's default behaviors.
VT100/VT220 Support Provides access to DEC/VAX and UNIX telnet applications.
Registry Entry Editing Full Configuration and Tuning Options that allows viewing and modifying on the fly capabilities of registry entries.
Granular Administrator Console Security Update Console Users empowers you to assign user-level security for the Administrator's Console and developer funtions.
3270 to HTML Protocol Conversion (SNA, TN3270, TN3270E) Enables IBM mainframe host application access from any standard Web browser
5250 to HTML Protocol Conversion (TN5250) Enables AS400 host application access from any standard Web browser
Keyboard Support for function keys ActiveX control enables compatibility for existing users
High Fidelity data entry screens All columns line-up, even on busy screens with mixed entry fields in HTML!
Support for Auto-skip fields Compatibility for existing users-- cursor advances to next field on appropriate fields.
Integrated Web Server Simplified installation and configuration; high performance.
SSL Support The Screensurfer Security Filter for MS IIS provides full SSL encryption and certificate support.
All customization in HTML templates Simplified environment; low proprietary content; minimal training.
HTML Template Compiler Server-oriented performance profile; support for multi-module integration.
ColdFusion Support and compatibility ColdFusion development teams can easily integrate host application data using the CFXSurfer CFX tag extension
ASP (Active Server Pages) Support and compatibility ASP development teams can easily integrate host application data using the SSurfer.ASPRequest ASP Extension COM object using a familiar ADO compatible set of methods and attributes.
Supports SNA, TN3270, TN3270E and TN5250 connections Compatibility with existing environments
Supports "Lightpen Selectable Fields" Support for health industry applications
Supports multiple Screen Sizes 80 x 43, 132 x 80 and so on-- increases application compatibility
Supports "double host writes" Cruises through difficult logon application sequences
Multiple hosts supported concurrently Flexibility and improved access from a single server
Integrated ODBC support Enables support for server-side user profiles and data entry validation using standard relational databases.
Shared ODBC Statements and connections Reduces load on database and provides significant performance advantages.
EMAIL Support Provides integration of E-mail capability into the mainframe or AS/400 environment.
Time-driven events Enables execution of batch processes which can query information from host applications to replicate to a database or send e-mails to appropriate recipients.
Installs and executes as a Windows/NT Service Compatibility with NT systems management tools and procedures.
Full NT Event Logging Compatibility with NT systems management tools and procedures.
Server-oriented multi-threaded protocol engine Hundreds to thousands of concurrent users on a single server
All Administration performed via any standard browser Administrators and help desk personnel can rapidly appraise and diagnose user issues from any workstation
Integrated HTTP Password and/or machine IP Address security Prevents unauthorized access
Screensurfer DevCenter Components Menus and wizards provide rapid productivity for both new and experienced developers
Flexible and extensible template generation scripts Leverage existing patterns in large applications to further speed customization
Comprehensive HTML-based Compiler Output and diagnostics All errors hyperlinked to detailed reference information; templates execute without error at runtime.
Optional compilation for full execution tracing Developer logic is easily debugged and corrected
Integrated and transparent state data management Session-based variables are easily defined and values are maintained throughout session without any additional programming
ScreenSurfer BenefitsScreenSurfer and Security