Comparison Matrix  ColdFusion and ASP Co-ServersScreenSurfing vs. ScreenScraping
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ScreenSurfing vs. ScreenScraping

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The following tables position Screensurfer and its capabilities with other approaches that address the Host Access Web Gateway requirement. These tables have been produced by the Screensurfer competitive analysis team, so they obviously less objective than an independent appraisal :)

The categories included are:
  • SS- Screensurfer
  • JT- Java-based Terminal Emulators
  • TN- TN3270/TN5250 Emulators (Java and platform-specific)
  • XT- ActiveX Terminal Emulators
  • XS- ActiveX Server components with Active Server Pages
  • RT- Repository-based high-level information access tools

Ratings are as follows:
  • na: Not applicable
  • ns: Not supported
  • P: Poor
  • G: Good
  • E: Excellent
Requirement SS JT TN XT XS RT
Pass-through emulation E E E ns G* ns
Existing 3270/5250 data entry users G E E E na na
Existing 3270/5250 information workers E G G G na na
Casual 3270/5250 application users E P G G E* na
Untrained users-external users E P P P G G
Browser Integration E P P P E E
Replace terminal emulators E E E ns G* ns
Thin Client Design E P P P E E
Universal browser support E G P P E G
Ease of simple screen enhancements E P ns P G P
URL-based information access E ns ns ns E* E
Server Hardware costs (performance) E na na na G P
    * = When using SSurfer.ASPRequest Component for ASP. Competitive products don't provide granular passthrough based on our research, and would generally score lower in this category.
 ColdFusion and ASP Co-ServersScreenSurfing vs. ScreenScraping