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Win big by exploiting your existing mainframe applications and quickly delivering high-value business functions to anyone on your IntraNet, ExtraNet or the Internet.

By improving the access and usability of mainframe applications and deliver them to anyone, Screensurfer can reduce costs as well as improve information flow.

Reduce software and support costs
For many existing users of mainframe applications, personal computer terminal emulation software is used for access. This software represents recurring annual costs for upgrades as well as internal support costs for installation and training.
For these users, access to mainframe applications using Screensurfer can avoid the recurring costs of terminal emulation software. For systems administrators, there is no installation requirements other than the availability of a web browser on the user's desktop.

Enhance Usability
Using Screensurfer's customization features, host applications can be re-packaged as far more attractive and usable HTML pages.

Reduce Training Costs
For many core applications, increasing functionality over time has forced unfortunate comprimises in usability. In many cases, critical data has pushed aside descriptions and prompts leaving displays cryptic to any but a trained and practiced user.
By renovating these screens in an HTML environment, usability can be drastically improved. Prompts and descriptions can be included as well as access to existing documentation reformatted in HTML.

Expand the Audience
Once applications are easier to use and information is presented in a more readable manner, organizations can use Screensurfer to deliver those applications to anyone they choose to.
Inside any organization there are many who can benefit from the information available in existing mainframe applications, but who don't have the time or justification to learn their use.
For others, the additional cost and headaches of installing a terminal emulation package aren't worth gaining occasional access to difficult-to-use applications.
Screensurfer can bridge this Information Gap by improving both availability and usability in a single solution.

Do it Quickly
Screensurfer's incremental development provides the ability to enhance certain screens while providing a default emulation for simple or infrequently used screens. As a result, your your project size can be small, and delivery can be achieved in weeks or months at low cost.

Do it Efficiently
Screensurfer's compiled template technology assures that you won't have to keep "going back to the well" for hard-fought budget dollars as your project becomes successful. Unlike other 3270 web gateway products, Screensurfer screams through hundreds of concurrent sessions on a single Pentium processor.

Do it Now!
Screensurfer is the only 3270 Web Gateway with an entry price you can live with! Buy the Team Server (10 concurrent user sessions) and start proving your project or testing with selected users. Once the Screensurfer solution proves itself, roll it out with the right level of licensing to fit your requirements. No other 3270 Web Gateway provides this capability because no other 3270 Web Gateway enables success the way Screensurfer does!

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