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Screensurfer support addresses all dimensions of your relationship with Inventu (the provider of Screensurfer). All issues regarding the product and its use, sales and account status (payments) may be managed through the Inventu Helpdesk Web site.

Accessing Support
You access support one of two ways. The easiest way is through the Support Button on the Administrator's Console Page. When accessing support this way, you are provided with a support roadmap which can assist you in identifying and possibly trouble-shooting your outstanding issues.
Alternatively, you can access the Inventu Helpdesk homepage at

What is expected of you
Screensurfer is a product designed to leverage the Internet and World Wide Web as a medium for delivering the complete customer experience; from initial marketing information through sales, purchase and technical support.
In order to exploit this environment, you will need to be a participant in entering your own initial questions, suggestions or problems. By entering your own support tickets in the helpdesk system, you will receive faster turn-around than typical phone-based support.

The Inventu Helpdesk Support Ticket
Inventu support uses the term "ticket" to describe any question, suggestion or problem that needs tracking and resolution. Each ticket you enter will remain in the system until resolved to your satisfaction.

Inventu Support Departments
The Inventu Helpdesk is more than a Web delivery of product technical support. There are in fact three distinct support departments that handle your support needs through one unified system. Each ticket you enter will be "addressed" to one of these departments, which are classified as:

Department Description
Product Support Supports all product technical and usage-related questions, problems and suggestsions.
Sales Supports all questions, problems and suggestions relating to the products capabilities, features and benefits. Competitive comparisons, pricing issues as well as contract terms.
Accounts Manages the "money" side of your Inventu account. As maintenance renewals become due, this is the department to resolve any issues with.

Screensurfer Ticket Types
As you may have noticed, there are three types of Screensurfer tickets:

Type Description
Problem A problem is an issue requiring the highest priority response from the responsible department. Problems include product defects (technical support) as well as other issues such as a missing payment (accounts).
Question A question is any kind of information request for one of the three Screensurfer support departments (see following). A question is different from a problem, in that it does not involve a product defect or deficiency.
Suggestion A suggestion is a good idea or an identified lack in any of the three Screensurfer functional areas. For Screensurfer Technical/Product support it may be an enhancement request. For Screensurfer Sales it may regard an improved pricing policy. For Screensurfer accounts it may regard the use of alternate payment schemes for managing support or product license accounts.
Licensing and Use3270 Web Gateways