MicroFocus Reflection for the Web - Java Applets are Obsolete

How old are your Reflections licenses? A lot has changed in the technology world and what your users and customers expect when they first access your applications!

Here are a number of features to compare--the best comparison is to download Inventu Viewer and Try it for yourself...

Feature Inventu Viewer+ Attachmate Reflection
for the Web
Browser Plug-In Free (Zero Footprint Emulation)
Keeps Host Connections behind the Firewall
Web Page Integration
Works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari
3270 / 5250 / VTxxx
ADDS-ViewPoint / Wyse
Javascript Macro Recorder
IE6 - IE11
Mac OS/X Apple Recommends
Removing Java
Android Tablets
Surface Pro
PF keys as Hotkeys
iSeries Menu items as links
Native Virtual Keyboard N.A.
Pinch-to-Zoom on Touch N.A.

Here's what our customers have to say about it:

"I have been holding several sessions with our distributors that use Inventu for accessing our system and the feedback has been so positive. We have presented to our CEO the SSO into order entry and how we've Modernized a legacy tool."

by Senior Executive
Major Auto/Aerospace Manufacturer

"Unlike the other web emulators I tried, Inventu Viewer was easy to setup and suffered no glitches along the way."

by Senior Developer
The Legend Group

"The browser based design allows us to use lighter less expensive devices. Can even use thin clients or mobile devices on the floor."

by Senior Analyst
Major Worldwide Manufacturer
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