Flynet Viewer Version 4 Introduction

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Meet Flynet Viewer V4

Flynet Viewer allows you to easily modernize and integrate your host screens. But what does this really mean?

The flagship software package Flynet Viewer allows you to graphically integrate and transform your IBM, UNIX and VMS screens into fully fledged web services, web applications and a whole raft of other exciting forms. Using Inventu Designer Studio, the development environment for Flynet Viewer, you can graphically build tasks that reflect how you work with your screens.

In addition, Flynet Viewer includes a powerful customizable terminal emulation that works in a web browser. You can access your host systems securely over the web. This traditional looking emulation can be intermixed with web-style forms created in Inventu Designer Studio.

Whether you are looking to redesign the look of your host screens or you wish to build transactions for other systems or developers to use, you start working with Flynet Viewer in the same way. With the aid of drag and drop you show Flynet Viewer the tasks you wish to create.

Once you have created these tasks you can expose them as a beautiful web applications, web services or programmable objects. All of this can be achieved without altering the target host or writing a single line of code.

Flynet Viewer V4 Technical Overview

Here is a technical heads-up for those propeller heads out there that need to know how something ticks.

Flynet Viewer V4 Usage Scenarios

Find out some of the different ways you can use Flynet Viewer.

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