Flynet Viewer V4 Technical Overview

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Flynet Viewer Technical Overview

Here is a technical heads-up for those propeller heads out there that need to know how something ticks.

Under the hood, Flynet Viewer is technically amazing. It splits into four main units and we keep the best to last.

Flynet Viewer Server

The Flynet Viewer Server is the major runtime component of Flynet Viewer. This is a high performance Service that runs on the Microsoft Windows Server platform.

It can maintain thousands of simultaneous telnet connections through to any combination of 3270, 5250 and VT hosts. This purpose built engine written in C is incredibly efficient and designed to work well in modern disconnected (web) environments.

Flynet Viewer Application Program Interface (API)

Accessing the Viewer Server via shared memory, the Flynet Viewer API allows the Microsoft .NET developer to drive the target host screens. The API contains sophisticated field I/O and screen transition mechanisms.

The API hides the complexity of robustly navigating around a screen application and once more lends itself to working in the disconnected environment of the web.

Flynet Viewer ASP.NET Terminal Emulator

Using the ASP.NET Terminal Emulator gives you instant access to your host without having to write a single line of code, modify the host or touch a designer of any sort. The terminal emulation appears as HTML in the web browser and is an example of a web application created using the Flynet Viewer API.

The emulator is programmable. You can customise it as much as you need. You can even intermingle terminal emulation screens with custom forms that drive screens behind the scenes.

Before most people had even heard of XML over HTTP or Ajax, we started using the technique to allow us to produce our emulation as pure HTML with desktop application performance. Behind the terminal emulation, the web browser communicates back to web services. All that securely passes back and forth are highly efficient XML Soap documents.

Inventu Designer Studio

We said we kept the best to last.

Inventu Designer Studio is a comprehensive designer for Flynet Viewer applications. It allows the creation of powerful Viewer solutions within a graphical drag-and-drop environment.

You start off by modelling the areas of the host application you need to use. Simply connect to the host and record your screens. You then mark fields you are interested in. At this stage, if you are creating a web application, you specify how you would like the fields to be rendered (text box, radio button, drop down etc).

Once you have completed your model, you create a Task Project. You build as many Tasks as you need, dragging the required screens on to the Task.

Example Tasks could be "Create a new Service Call", "Edit a Service Call" and "Review a Service Call".

Once you are happy with your list of tasks, you click generate. That's all. It will automatically write the code required to drive the Viewer API.

If you are generating a web application you can change the style sheets, specify styles for specific pages and controls. If you are that way inclined, the generated code can be edited in an HTML editor or Microsoft Visual Studio.

The generated code is formed around routines that Flynet have built up over many years of manually developing with the Flynet Viewer API. You get the most efficient and robust framework possible without any of the hard work. Create your web services, web applications and more all within a friendly designer environment.

Want to Learn more? Ask us or simply install and go!