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Web to host has many implementations, with a very popular but now obsolete approach being an ActiveX or Java Applet that is downloaded and run on the PC. Our Web-to-Host solution, Inventu Viewer+, provides on-the-fly terminal emulation using pure HTML and Javascript that is delivered with the best enhancement and performance options in the industry.

If you are interested in implementing a Web to Host solution, Inventu Viewer+ provides the best price performance available. Other options that utilize HTML and Javascript have server components that are complex to manage and require far more hardware. One major vendor recommends three licensing servers when in a load balanced environment for large configurations...Inventu Viewer+ requires NO separate licensing servers and a fraction of the number of application servers.

There is a definite difference in Web to Host solutions. Web to Host has both benefits and costs, which a true Web to Host Gateway such as Inventu Viewer+ can both exploit and minimize. A standard emulator approach, even when delivered as an easy download, on the other hand is just like what you have today!. Why bother delivering web-to-host internet applications unless you are going to improve them?

Our Web-to-Host solutions work with all available browsers.

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